The Art of Screaming!
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The Art of Screaming!

Are you hoarse after you sing?
Does your throat hurt?
Does your speaking voice cut in and out?
Do you lose your falsetto?
Do you try to hit high notes, but can’t?

Could you do interviews during the day, and perform
two hours every night on tour?

The key to being ready for the rigors of performing and touring is learning both where the “scream/growl” is actually made and the specific exercises that craft the technique of “The Art of Screaming!” These exercises that renowned singing teacher, Susan M. Carr, developed in 1978 and refined during the Grunge Music scene have produced outstanding singers in the rock music industry then and today.

The Deluxe DVD provides Bonus Features:
  • Where the scream/growl is actually produced
  • Separate exercises for women and men to locate and produce the scream/growl
  • Testimonials of singers Susan has worked with
  • Band footage
  • An audio CD to practice the exercises

Susan’s teaching emphasizes strong techniques in power, range, tone, and endurance. Let Susan help you get the vocal power and stamina you've always wanted. You will learn the “Art of Screaming!”
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Susan’s clients have included:
Minus The Bear
Alien Ant Farm
Drowning Pool (The late Dave Williams)
Jesse Sykes & The Sweet Hereafter
Vendetta Red
Skin Yard
Boy Hits Car
Sunny Day Real Estate
Alice in Chains

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Director: Bootsy Holler ● Editor: Seth Gordon ● Cameras: Mark Simon, Seth Gordon, Bradford Whitaker ● Sound: Chad Findlay ● PA: Amanda Allen ● Hair & Makeup: Jenni Hensler ● Illustrations: Scott Richardson ● Design/Layout: Ira Merrill ● Musicians: Wolf Carr (Wesafari), Robert Roth (Truly), Serena Thomson (Pieces) ● Audio CD Engineer: Amy Stolzenbach ● Mixing & Mastering: Bryan Lash, Blash Studios

Thanks To
Ralph Levin, Wolf Carr, Troy Sanders, Dryden Mitchell, Davey Ingersoll, Jeff Reynolds, Len Hotrum & Point One, Craig Rondell, Jen Ayres, Mary McPage, Amy Stolzenbach, Carrie Akre